Become a Member...

You do not need to be a member of St. Andrew’s to participate in worship and other church activities. We welcome all people to take part in the life of the congregation, and we encourage you to get to know St. Andrew’s prior to joining. 


Becoming a member of a church is an important step, and our rector (pastor) is available to talk with you about taking this step. Becoming a member of the church is not like joining a club or social organization; rather, it is an expression of a desire to deepen your relationship with God, deepen your relationship with the congregation, and to spiritually grow. When an individual becomes a member, he/she promises to follow Jesus and support the life and ministry of the congregation with his/her presence, prayers, service, and giving. The congregation promises to welcome the new member and to support the new member as he/she seeks to grow in faith.


The first step in becoming a member of St. Andrew’s is to spend some time getting to know the congregation, The Episcopal Church, and the Christian faith by worshipping with us and participating in other church events and classes as you are able. Once you get to know the congregation and decide to become a member, the second step is to contact our rector (pastor) – the Rev. Tim Johnson. Tim will schedule a time to meet with you. During your meeting with Tim, he will provide you with additional information about St. Andrew’s, The Episcopal Church, and the Christian life. If you have never been baptized, he will also talk to you about the importance of this sacrament, provide you with some reading materials, and schedule a time for you to be baptized when you are ready. If you have already been baptized, either in an Episcopal church or in another Christian church, you do not need to be baptized again. Following your meeting with Tim, your name will be recorded in the parish registry (the membership record), and he will schedule a Sunday to formally welcome you into the congregation.

To schedule a meeting with our rector to discuss membership, you may email the rector directly at, or you may call him at 301-864-8880.