Visiting a church for the first time takes courage. It is not particularly easy to walk into a new place and into an unfamiliar community; however, we hope you will feel welcomed and at home when you visit St. Andrew’s. Below is some information that we hope will make your first visit to St. Andrew’s a bit more comfortable.

First, please come as you are. There is no dress code at St. Andrew’s! You will find all manner of dress here.

We have a parking lot that may be accessed on either side of the church property – either from Yale Avenue or Princeton Avenue. On major holidays, the church parking lot may fill up quickly. If that happens, please know that you may park for free in the city garage (above Ledo’s) that is located one block from the church, at the corner of Yale Avenue and Knox Road. 

Once you park, enter the church through the main front doors. If you are unsure where the main front doors are located, look for the large tower on the front of the church building, facing College Ave. The main front doors are the two red doors in that tower.

Once you enter the church, you will be provided a worship bulletin. The bulletin will either be given to you by a greeter, or you may find them on the table located near the entrance, just inside the front doors. The bulletin will provide you with everything you need for the service.

Throughout the service, you are welcome to participate as fully as you feel comfortable. It is a tradition in the Episcopal Church to stand, kneel, and sit at different times in the service; however, please do what is comfortable for you!

Holy Communion (a.k.a. communion, Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper) is a central component of Episcopal worship, and we celebrate Holy Communion every week. You do not need to be an Episcopalian to receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion; in the Episcopal Church, all baptized Christians are welcome to receive. We have gluten-free wafers for anyone who prefers or needs gluten-free. If you have not been baptized or are not a Christian and would like to find out more about the Christian faith or the Episcopal Church, please call the church (301-864-8880), and let Fr. Tim know you would like to know more.

Finally, if you have any other questions or would like to talk with our priest, please call the church office!